The POLYTRAME company presents its main product applications :

Liquid filtration

Water treatment

- dehydration of sludge originating from purification (urban or industrial) - separation of fats - drinking water filtration - swimming pool water filtration

Chemical industry processing

- filtering at different manufacturing phases of ; colourings, inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives, waxes, pharmaceutical products, inorganic chemistry products and fine chemical products

Mining industry processing, Treatment of minerals by wet process

- filtering in different phases of treatment of kaolins, fluorine, ceramic pastes and china clays

Food industry processing

- oil works - sugar-mills - dairies, cheese factories

Air or gas filtering

Dust removal

All kinds of industries

- sleeves, pockets, filter bags for industrial vaccuum cleaners, dust capture at source in the workplace, decompression balloons for grinders

Air conditioning distribution :

All kinds of industries, Particularly the food industry :

- for even or directed distribution of chilled air without turbulence : suspended ducts.

Storage of grain, powders, or granules :

For the food industries and for expanded polystyrene production units.

silos made of high endurance fabric hung on frames. Capacity up to 30 m3 or more depending on product density.

Sieves or sifters for dusty materials :

Endless tapes :

- conveyor belts - drier belts - filter belts

Protection for reservoirs or swimming pools

- permeable tarpaulins or winter pool covers

Balisage – signalisation :

- wind socks suitable for aerodromes, motorways or dangerous chemical sites - flags - pennants

Linings and reinforcements for the clothing and shoe industry :

- hat industry - hosiery trade - anti acid protective clothing

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